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This product is highly concentrated.


A unique product which has been designed to not only give added volume but also to strengthen and care for the coat.  The ingredients selected will penetrate the hair shaft to increase moisture and build strength from within, while also reinforcing and protecting the surface of each hair.  The properties combine to strengthen and help reduce the degree of damage to coat which reduces the amount of breakage.


Designed to be used straight on areas where more volume is particularly required (paints, tails, featherings, etc.)


Ingredients include:

Almond Oil, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed vegetable Protein and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.


  • Can be diluted with other Fraser Essentials Shampoos to increase volume.
  • For example:  Poodles-to add a crispness to coat dilute with Squeaky Clean Shampoo
  • American Cockers-dilute with Coat Stimulant Shampoo
  • Improves elasticity in coat
  • Strengthens coat
  • Increases moisture
  • Reinforces and protects coat


Available in 250ml and 1Liter size bottles.


Suitable for hydrobaths




BIG Volumizing Shampoo

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